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Our Top Five Episodes of the Joe Rogan Podcast, check it out!

The name sounds familiar, right? Joe Rogan? 

You're thinking of Fear Factor. He was the host. Watching people eat bugs and animal parts, or trying to escape a sinking vehicle, trying to maintain a sense of humor about it all.

So why are we talking about Joe today?

Because Joe isn't 'just' the former host of Fear Factor. He's a stand up comedian, UFC commentator, and a podcast host, in addition to being an advocate of nootropics.

Looking at the guy, and knowing his affiliation with the UFC, you might mistakenly think you're looking at a meathead.

You'd be wrong.

Team NeuroGum listens to Joe Rogan's podcast all the time, and there's a reason.

Joe's podcast The Joe Rogan Experience is a treasure trove for interesting ideas. It is this way because Joe Rogan maintains a ferocious curiosity about the world, about learning, and about improving himself.

Tune in one week, you'll hear him talking to a police officer about corruption in his precinct. Tune in the next week and you might hear from leading scientists discovering that human civilization may be far older than we had imagined. Don't believe me? Look up Göbekli Tepe on Wikipedia. It's a city dated to the time before we thought humanity had discovered pottery.

Since Joe has found his way into our workday as a source of knowledge and ideas, we thought we would share some of his more interesting guests to help introduce you to what you can learn from his show and the people he interviews.

 1. Andreas Antonopoulos

The first guest that got me hooked, Andreas Antonopoulos is an information security expert, tech entrepreneur, and author. Why was he the first guest to really get me hooked on Joe's show? Bitcoin.

You've probably heard Bitcoin talked about in the past few years, and I've been reading about it for what feels like a decade now, but up until hearing Andreas on Joe's show, I didn't fully understand it, and the potential it has to change our world.

Andreas appears on episodes 446, 490, and 581. Check them out to learn why Bitcoin makes it as easy and instant to send someone in Africa a few bucks as it is to hand your niece a birthday card.

2. Joe Quirk

An underrated curiosity of an episode, Joe Quirk's appearance on Joe's show is one of the more grand scale ideas that has been discussed on the podcast. 

Joe Quirk is the Communications Director at The Seasteading Institute, as well as an author. What is Seasteading? It's what makes his episode fascinating.

Seasteading is the concept of building modular cities on the sea, democratizing nation building, and moving toward the sustainable expansion of human civilization. A little confusing? Sure. Listen to the episode! Joe breaks it all down well, and discusses in depth how these cities could work to advance civilizations and governments as rapidly as tech companies do.

Check out episode 536 to hear about the wild and futuristic world of seasteading.

3. Dr. Rhonda Patrick

 Rhonda Patrick has been on Joe's show four times, and there's ample reason. She's a biochemist and science communicator who has a focus in Vitamin D and serotonin production. That might sound dry to you, but if you're even mildly interested in optimizing your body and understanding how to take care of it, you must listen to these episodes.

Joe recommends doing so with a pen and paper, because Rhonda brings so much useful knowledge to the table, you're going to want to take a few notes on things to look up later, or work into your diet.

Rhonda brings a highly scientific mind to topics like stress reduction, sleep improvement, diet, and genetics, and she is able to put her findings into language you can understand.

After four episodes, I've also discovered that her voice is like a sexy, educated angel's, and I've developed a healthy crush. Talk science to me Rhonda...

Listen to Rhonda on episodes 459, 502, 568, and 672.

4. Shane Smith

Shane Smith is the co-founder and CEO of VICE Media, otherwise known as the only news organization worth having heard of these days.

Shane has lived more life than most of the planet, which makes him an interesting character to listen to go back and forth with Joe. If I'm not mistaken, he's become a billionaire building a media empire in the age of the death of traditional media. That's not easy to do. Best of all, he's an interesting person.

Listen to Joe get to know the man behind the best news stories you've seen in the past two years over a few drinks in episodes 472 and 599.

5. Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson

Oh boy... remember when I mentioned that civilization may actually have existed before the time modern scientists and historians imagined humanity to have even learned to work with pottery?

These are two pioneers in the field of proving it. Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

Separately these two men were coming to the same conclusion in two different ways. Carlson was discovering evidence that recently discovered ancient city Göbekli Tepe predated what we imagined to be the beginnings of civilization. Hancock was studying ancient human civilizations and finding a lot of references to earlier bastions of mankind.

Both of their findings seemed to indicate that humanity as a species went through an event that wiped out our first attempt at civilization, leaving only the survivors that we currently think of as the "first" modern humans. This has left humankind essentially having "forgotten" that it was once thriving before our ascension to our current state, and then was nearly destroyed by a catastrophic event. 

Before they met, they individually appeared on Joe's podcast (Hancock on 551, Carlson on 501 & 606) discussing their ideas. Recently, the two came on and shared their findings, and their talk with Joe will leave you with a sense of wonder at how such a longstanding assumption about our history can be so quickly upended by new evidence.

Check it out on episode 725.


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