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Joe Rogan’s favorite chewing gum: What you need to know

This functional gum takes you to an ideal state of focus and concentration

Monday, October 24 by Tony Miller

"There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

-Nelson Mandela

Life is competitive. We have to think quickly to stay ahead of the curve and accomplish success — and we must be able to focus on command, no matter what.

But what if we’re tired, stressed, or distracted?

Many of us don’t get enough sleep. We don’t take time to regroup and

recharge, and we don’t replenish our bodies with the right nutrients. So we end up feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and lethargic. Heck, even celebrities like Joe Rogan feel the pressure from time to time.

But guess what? Joe Rogan has the solution for energy and focus up his sleeve — or rather, in his pocket. Intrigued? Read on.


We’re All Busy

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: we’re all human. Celebrities like Joe Rogan use the best tools available, including nootropic supplements, to maintain energy and drive because being a celebrity is busy work.

But hey — being a regular person is busy work, too. We see you, working parents who raise healthy, happy kids. Kudos to all of you who took on extra jobs during the pandemic to keep the bills paid.

To the busy folks juggling school and work — we salute you.

People like eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno, CrossFit star Jen Smith, and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin turn to personal assistants, personal trainers, and tried-and-tested supplements to maximize their energy levels every single day. They go with these products and methods because they really work.


So, What Does Joe Rogan Know?

Rogan’s latest little secret — and it’s a highly effective one — is nootropic gum. Not just any nootropic gum, either. Unlike other similar gum products, this particular nootropic gum is delicious.

It’s available in cinnamon and mint flavors, and it contains a curated blend of slow-release caffeine and vitamins, which deliver an energy boost on the double.

Joe Rogan
Comedian, UFC Commentator, and Podcaster
"I’ve been chewing this Neuro Gum - it’s a gum with nootropics in it. It’s got a little bit of caffeine, L-theanine and B Vitamins. I love it. I take it before I do kick-boxing."

When he isn’t chewing gum — when he’s recording his podcast or meeting with clients — he uses nootropic mints to get that same energy kick, which contains the same potent caffeine and vitamin blend. According to Joe Rogan, both the gum and the mints help him think more creatively — especially on days that never seem to end.

Okay, buddy — give us a name. We need a name.

No question — it’s Neuro Energy & Focus. Formulated back in 2015, Neuro Energy & Focus products help to enhance mental endurance, so you can focus, think clearly, and bust through mental blocks. They make an ideal addition to an existing nootropic stack, and they work well as standalone solutions, too. They’re an easy productivity hack.

Neuro: Back to Basics

Before we go any further, let’s take a closer look at Neuro. Founded in 2015 by best friends Ryan Chen and Kent Yoshimura, Neuro began as a crowdfunding success story. In fact, Ryan and Kent exceeded their initial fundraising goal only three days after launching their Indiegogo campaign.

Neuro Gum’s first batch was crowdfunded in 3 days. Note: Product shown reflects old packaging.

Ryan and Kent, who met in college, came up with the idea for nootropic gum after feeling unsatisfied with existing stimulant products on the marketplace. They didn’t want to take mysterious supplements or ingest sugary drinks while studying or training. After a lot of experimentation, they came up with a potent blend of caffeine, L-theanine,

and B vitamins and developed Neuro Gum.The Neuro range includes brain-boosting Neuro Energy & Focus Gum and Mints and soothing Neuro Calm & Clarity Gum and Mints.

What Does Neuro Energy & Focus Do?

Neuro Energy & Focus is a functional product. In other words, the gum and mints enhance the way your brain works. When taken as advised, Neuro Energy & Focus products help you:

Think clearly
Focus on your goals
Stay productive

Neuro Energy & Focus products beat coffee and other traditional pick-me-ups, hands down. Why? Because they’re precisely formulated to deliver results — and the compounds in Neuro Energy & Focus Gum and Mints

are absorbed up to five times more quickly via the mouth (aka the "buccal cavity") versus regular digestion. You feel clearer, sharper, and more energized in minutes — and the effects last for hours.


The Science Behind Neuro Energy & Focus

Nootropics improve cognitive function — they enhance memory, motivation, creativity, intelligence, and other neurological processes. In real terms, that translates to better decision making, increased focus, and a longer attention span.

Generally speaking, nootropics work better when they’re combined with other nootropics and other beneficial substances. That’s called "stacking." Biohackers and celebrities such as Joe Rogan modify their nootropic stacks to achieve optimal focus, energy, and drive.


In line with biohacking tradition, the Neuro Energy & Focus formula is greater than the sum of its parts. Shareable Neuro Energy & Focus Mints and Gum

contain a precise blend of caffeine, L-theanine, and B vitamins. Together, these elements promote clean, balanced energy.

America’s most popular nootropic substance, caffeine enhances cognitive function and boosts energy.
This amino acid curbs the side effects of caffeine, including jitters and anxiety, and lowers blood pressure.
Vitamin B6
Also known as pyridoxine, this essential B vitamin promotes serotonin and norepinephrine secretion, which helps to regulate mood.
Vitamin B12
B12, or methylcobalamin, plays a vital role in glucose conversion and energy production inside the body.

Caffeine and L-Theanine: A Potent Combination

L-theanine doesn’t just offset the side effects of caffeine — it helps magnify caffeine’s stimulant effect. According to research published in Nutritional Neuroscience, participants in an experimental group were able to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently when given L-theanine and caffeine versus a control substance. Participants who were given the nootropic combo felt less distracted and less anxious than those given a placebo during the experiment.

In another study conducted by Dr. Wasifa Jamal from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 20 participants were asked to complete 3 cognitive tasks during control (no mint), Neuro mints, and placebo mint conditions. Results show that after 30 minutes of consuming the Neuro mints, users show enhanced performance in processing speed tasks.


We see that on average an individual’s time to complete Schulte’s task does not differ much between the control (no mint) condition and the placebo mint condition. However, when the same individuals consume Neuro mintsbefore doing the Schulte’s task

they take significantly less time (shown by the positive difference between control duration and Neuro mints duration) to complete the task compared to how long they needed during the control task.

The Buzz on Neuro Energy & Focus

Indiegogo investors went nuts over Neuro — and they weren’t the only ones. In 2015, Emmy-winning reporter Elizabeth Leamy reviewed Neuro Gum for the Dr. Oz show. Leamy said that Neuro Gum helped her maintain focus on a busy day after not sleeping well the night before. In September of the same year, TIME magazine featured Neuro Gum in its "This Is Now a Thing" slot. In 2018, Fast Company endorsed Neuro Gum.

The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, Bustle, The Hustle, and Instagram for Business all followed suit.

In April 2020, Ryan and Kent hit the big time when they were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. Around the same time, Neuro changed its branding to incorporate simple, elegant packaging colors and new typography.


The brand buzz went beyond magazine endorsements when celebrities began noticing Neuro Gum and Neuro Mints. Joe Rogan added Neuro to his nootropic stack fairly early on, and he still regularly endorses the brand on his podcast.

Olympic athlete Apolo Ohno uses Neuro Gum to boost her energy levels;

Crossfit maven Jen Smith uses Neuro before a satisfying workout. Finally, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin uses Neuro to stay alert while abroad.Neuro products are a global celebrity sensation because they work.

Ryan Holiday
Author, Public-Relations Strategist, Podcaster
"I don’t drink coffee, I don’t drink soda. I pop one of these in before I do a phone call or before I jump on a talk or before I gotta do something important and it just gives me a nice little boost."

How To Use Neuro Energy & Focus

If you’re looking for an easy productivity hack, look no further than Neuro Energy & Focus Gum and Mints. They’re easy to incorporate into existing nootropic stacks, and they work well by themselves, too. In short, you don’t need to be a hardcore biohacker to appreciate these convenient energy-boosting supplements.

Neuro Energy & Focus Gum and Mints come in two flavors: refreshing mint and warming cinnamon. For a clean burst of energy, simply chew a piece of gum or suck on a mint. It’s that simple. You’ll feel the effects in about five minutes, but you can keep using the gum or the mints for as long as you like.

An ideal pre-workout boost
Stay alert on the road
It helps you focus while studying
Improves post-lunch focus

Neuro Energy & Focus Gum and Mints are cold compressed. This process helps to maintain each ingredient’s bioavailability, so you benefit from a more potent product. Most adults can tolerate up to 400 mg of caffeine a day — that equates to about 10 pieces of Neuro Energy & Focus Gum

or 10 Neuro Energy & Focus Mints in any 24-hour period.

Neuro Energy & Focus comes in convenient, portable packaging and has a shelf life of two years — slip it into your purse, briefcase, or pocket for an on-the-go boost, any time.

Try Neuro Energy & Focus Today

Neuro Energy & Focus provides an effective, refreshing energy boost at work, play, or home. Ready to try Neuro Energy & Focus Mints and Gum? Right now, Neuro has a great 21% off promotion going on — just click here to get your limited-time introductory offer today.

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Roxy D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Part of my day

I love this gum! It’s a keep on hand item in my daily routine. I’m a long term subscriber. Must change my auto pay info.

A Neuro Customer
Tomoko F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Now it's my must have on my computer desk when I work!

Strong mint flavor instantly put me alert in a pleasant way. But most importantly, while traditional mints do taste good, they contain lots of sugar, preservatives and other unwanted substances. And of course, what a great way as a substitute for coffee! Thank you so much for making Neuro!

Neuro Energy and Focus Mints Review
Walter B.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I have a subscription to Neuro-gum, and have chewed a lot of it. This batch was kind of dry, almost sandy. You have to make sure you get a lot of saliva into it, after that it’s OK.

Hector M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Good Product

Good product. Should last a bit longer.

Alan L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Everything went good, very good product, I do enjoy this

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