We just wanted to do more.

For the artists, the dreamers, the adventurers, and the do-ers, we've always believed that the best version of ourselves starts with the mind. That's why we've dedicated the last 5 years to develop products that help people do more.

This is where it all began... 

Kent and Ryan

When we met in college, we had a lot on our plates. Kent had trained with the Japanese Olympic Judo team, painted as a muralist for the city of Los Angeles, and competed internationally in Muay Thai. Meanwhile, Ryan trained with the U.S. Paralympic team while holding a 2nd degree black belt in Kendo.

With degrees in neuroscience and chemistry and economics, we challenged both our minds as well as our bodies. We set out to live life to the fullest.  

But in the search for a product that would keep us going, we realized that there wasn't anything that would help us accomplish more in a healthy and effective way.

We didn't want to take mysterious supplements or energy drinks when studying, training, or going out. Instead of something sugary and ineffective, we wanted clean, balanced energy... something that could be taken anywhere, anytime

Kent and Ryan

So we launched a campaign for better energy...
And we realized, it wasn't just us.

NeuroGum Indiegogo

In only three days, Neuro Gum's first batch was fully crowdfunded.

And people raved about us.

NeuroGum TIME

Now, with over 8 million pieces chewed, we're on a mission...

NeuroGum Packages

To constantly innovate

We're constantly improving.  Neuro Gum has gone through 26 iterations to get to where we are now.

NeuroGum Healthy

To use the best ingredients

Through sustainable sourcing techniques, we source the highest-quality ingredients and make our gum and mints in FDA-approved labs.

NeuroGum Charity

To always give back

We give back 1% of everything - whether it's time for the community, profits for a cause , or product to non-profits.

No matter what you're up to in life,
it all starts with the mind.

Let's do more together,

Kent and Ryan

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