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From TIME magazine, to television programs, to podcasts, Neuro has reached millions through its media appearances.

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NeuroGum in Time Magazine

"NeuroGum is now a thing."

NeuroGum in Dr. Oz

"To my surprise, the gum did improve my reaction time and concentration."

NeuroGum in New Yorker

"To me, NeuroGum is a yes."

NeuroGum in Fast Company

“It gives you a clean burst of energy and focus without the jitters of coffee or energy drinks.”

NeuroGum in Buzzfeed

"I thought there was no way gum could increase my attention so I could get more work done. Guys, I was wrong. This stuff works, and works well."

NeuroGum on New Atlas

"If I had to pick a winner from all of these newfangled caffeine-delivery systems, the Neurogum would get the caffeinated crown."

NeuroGum on BrandBuilder SnackNation

"NeuroGum is leading the functional ingredient revolution."

NeuroGum in Bustle

"Forget coffee - this gum delivers energy to your system ten times faster than a traditional cup of coffee or tea."

NeuroGum in The Hustle

"Particularly great for when your co-worker kills the joe — and doesn’t make mo’."

"The consumer nootropic product leading the pack is most definitely NeuroGum."

NeuroGum in Geektime

"Caffeine and L-theanine are the staple of this über-mental diet, like baguettes to a Frenchman."

NeuroGum on Instagram for Business

"Be fearless, and take on the world!"

NeuroGum in Athletes Insight

"NeuroGum has proven both in their own science and within our testing that is the superior product on the market."

NeuroGum in Caffeine Informer

"I believe it is one of the best caffeinated gums I've tried."

NeuroGum in Spoon University

"Power your brain cells with NeuroGum because it may just be your new favorite form of energy."

NeuroGum in Gear Diary

"NeuroGum makes your mouth and your brain buzz with energy!"

NeuroGum in YourInception

"Neurogum is definitely a product that delivers on its promises."

NeuroGum in KnowTechie

"I’ve been using Neurogum while out running errands, working on articles and yes, while gaming."

"Bye bye brain fog...Neuro wakes my brain up!"

See why Neuro has over 2000+ positive reviews across the internet.  

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