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Our state of mind influences us in every moment – it affects our moods, thoughts, behaviors, and over time, our identities. That’s why we created Neuro – functional gum and mints formulated to refresh your state of mind.
PDP Science PDP Science
Enhanced Bioavailability
Neuro uses a patented cold-compression method to combine our ingredients. This means nothing gets broken down in the production process, enhancing the bioavailability for cleaner, more effective absorption.
Simple, healthy ingredients synergize
to improve your state of mind.
Energy & Focus
Calm & Clarity
4 Essential Ingredients
The synergy between our high-quality, sustainably sourced natural caffeine, L-theanine, B6 and B12 vitamins have been scientifically shown to boost attention and enhance focus.
Natural Caffeine
Just the right amount of clean, balanced energy to give you a smooth boost into your zone.
40 MG
The yin to caffeine’s yang, this is the primary amino acid found in green tea that has repeatedly shown to neutralize the negative side effects of caffeine while reducing stress.
60 MG
Vitamin B6
This guy is crucial to a healthy state of mind. B6 helps our bodies create the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine which regulate our moods and help us cope with stress.
60% DV
Vitamin B12
B12 is vital in the body’s ability to convert the food we eat into glucose, which gives us energy. Plus it helps create the mood boosting hormone serotonin.
100% DV
3 Essential Ingredients
The balance between our high-quality, sustainably sourced GABA, vitamin D3, and L-theanine optimizes composure and clarity of mind.
GABA takes your whole nervous system down a notch. This is what helps reduce feelings of anxiety and calm your nerves.
65 MG
Vitamin D3
Ever wonder why sunshine makes you happier? That’s your body soaking in this mood-regulating vitamin to supplement the production of sweet, sweet serotonin.
32.5% DV
The yin to caffeine’s yang, this is the primary amino acid found in green tea that has repeatedly shown to neutralize the negative side effects of caffeine while reducing stress.
65 MG
0 Essential Ingredients
PDP Science PDP Science
Certifiably Safe
We have gone through extensive processes to ensure our products are not only effective, but safe and compliant as well.
NSF International verifies that products meet public health and safety standards. Neuro passed with flying colors.
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) monitors the fight against drugs in sports. Neuro can keep you in the zone and in the game.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the safety of food, drugs, and other consumer products. Neuro fits the bill.

It gives you a clean burst of energy and focus without the jitters of coffee or energy drinks.


NeuroGum is now a thing.


To me, NeuroGum is a yes.


To my surprise, the gum did improve my reaction time and concentration.


I thought there was no way gum could increase my attention so I could get more work done. Guys, I was wrong. This stuff works, and works well.

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United States United States
I recommend this product

Good Product

Both mints are good and effective. Honey lemon tastes bit weird ! Must try at least once.

Valarie M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

It actually works.

The mints weren't available in the flavors I originally wanted (cinnamon and ginger chai) but I decided to try them any way. The other flavors were delicious and I definitely feel a difference in my energy levels.

Gaven H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Truly ideal

This product works wonders for me! Wether I be at work or school it has the calm and clarity for when the work load gets full and I stress out. And for when I can’t keep my eyes open, I have my energy and focus, which not only help keep me awake, but they keep me on task and focused. Overall great product.

Joshua O.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Impressed! It pretty much does exactly what the company says it does

This product is straight up FIRE! Both the calm & clarity and energy & focus mints. Although, I do prefer the energy & focus mints because they have caffeine. I’m a waiter, and I live off of coffee. But my interactions with customer are sometimes too close to comfort, and they would smell my coffee breath. But with these mints… OVER! There’s no coffee breath and they enhance my focus without making me feel jittery and sweaty. The only critique is that when I use the energy & focus mints while at work, the intense minty air from my mouth circulates in my mask and makes me teary-eyed. Maybe creating a less intense mint flavor that has the same amount of caffeine as the energy & focus mints will alleviate this problem. And if it’s happening to me, it’s probably happening to other customer too. Just food for thought. Love the products, definitely a winner in my eyes.

Kyle S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Good Stuff

Energy and Focus mints were very helpful. Especially during the mid-afternoon crash time. Kept me going.

Maintain Focus.

Energy & Focus