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world comfort
100% Hypoallergenic
Never goes flat or saggy
Supports all the ways you sleep
Cool as a space cucumber
PUFF is filled with Cosmofluff: A superfine, supersoft polyfill fiber. It’s got all the plush, cozy feel of premium European down, without hurting any geese, and none of the dusty mustiness.
Yup! You already know that getting better sleep is mission-critical. That’s why you’re here. We’re here to give you the good news: PUFF can help!

You (probably) don’t need a $5000 mattress or a fancy personal bed-cooling device. You just need the right pillows to support you, cradle you, and send you off to Planet Dreamland. (And making the right pillows is kind of our whole deal.)
Like cuddling with a friendly cloud
Weighing in at a reassuringly dense, yet moveable 12 pounds, PUFF is the snuggly, supportive bed companion who never snores or steals the covers.

Enjoy the comfort, security, and REAL SCIENTIFIC BENEFITS* of hugging a trusted buddy as you go to sleep. Think of PUFF like a stuffed animal for grown-ups.

* Studies show that hugging can decrease common physiological indicators of stress. Yep, even hugging a pillow. Bonus: pillows never pull away.
Let your stars (and posture) align
Ever try go to sleep and feel like all of a sudden, you’re hyper-aware of your kneecaps touching?

Or just wish you could be gently spooned without someone’s arm going numb? 😒

PUFF is the flexible, soft support your body needs. No matter how much you punch, kick, squeeze it or cry into it, it won’t lose its loft over time.
"I never understood body pillows before,
but now I can't sleep without it!"
Calm Calm
Elevate Your Bedtime with Puff:
Your Cosmic Companion for Better Sleep

Unique fill = Unique Feel

A superfine, supersoft polyfill fiber. It’s got all the plush, cozy feel of premium European down, with none of the dusty mustiness.  Want hard numbers for this softness? Cosmofluff rivals the softness of the finest 600-fill power European goose down.

Easy to love, easy to wash

Your PUFF arrives ready for sleep in a quilted, oh-so-soft fabric case made from cool-to-the-touch cooling fibers.  When you’re ready to wash the cover  just strip PUFF’s case off and throw it in the machine! Your Pluto PUFF itself is also indeed machine washable!